Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coin Me In! - Resource Mechanics in TCG

I don't usually get this excited over TCG updates, but I just got wind of WIXOSS's newest mechanic. And even though I haven't even written my WIXOSS introduction article, I don't care - I'm going to talk about this because this is a really important topic regarding game design space. We're going to be talking about Coins.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Deck Profile: Beast Druid (Standard, Karazhan)

Beast Druid was a deck archetype that got heavily pushed with The Grand Tournament and continued to be supported along the way with varying success. Though they lost a great synergy card in Druid of the Fang, Karazhan blessed Brode's pet favorite with a much needed push into relevancy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall 2016 Anime Preview and Predictions

Haven't gotten the chance to post anything thanks to school and midterms, but now that I'm done it's time to crack into more games, decks, and set reviews. But first...

Fall anime is upon us!

I have a rule where I don't watch anime for a month when a season starts just so I don't end up watching literally everything. So while I wait it out, here are the shows that I plan on following and how I feel about them.

What is Force of Will?

Force of Will is a TCG designed by a relatively new company based in Japan. Rumored to be designed by ex-MTG players, Force of Will tries to "fix" the problems of Magic while retaining the depth and skill level of the renowned game. Whether or not FoW was successful in this is up to debate, but the game's definitely gone through its ups and downs.

If there's anything that makes Force successful, it's the fact that the hype around its release gave birth to a relatively thriving playerbase in the west. There are plenty of shops that picked up the game, so it's feasible to find players and cards.

Friday, September 16, 2016

What is ChaOS?

ChaOS (Character Operating System) TCG is a Japanese trading card game, also by Bushiroad. When compared to its Weiss Schwarz cousin, there's quite a few marked differences. First, ChaOS is the visual novel-inspired game, which means a lot of the titles are VN exclusive like Dracu-Riot and Majikoi. The emphasis on visual novel titles also implies a more Japanese-focused audience; ChaOS is virtually unknown in the west. A lot of the anime titles are also more geared towards Japanese, like Non Non Biyori or HaiFuri.

A lot of people call Weiss Schwarz "waifu wars", but that title actually deserves to go to ChaOS. The main premise of the game involves partnering up with a character and buffing up a field of allies, similar to Vanguard. If Weiss Schwarz is a series vs. series game, ChaOS would be character vs. character. With few overlaps between Weiss and ChaOS in terms of anime titles, its very feasible to find at least some series between the two games that are likable.